Month: June 2014

‘From Dylewski to Gehl’ – article by Marcin Skrzypek published in Gazeta Wyborcza, 13th of June 2014.

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winieta GW Od Dylewskiego
In the picture – Marcin Skrzypek, author of the article.

The text published in Gazeta Wyborcza concerning the assumptions of ‘Gehl’ thinking for Lublin, Lublin’s traditions of a ‘city for people’ in the works of Romuald Dylewski*, who created the first post war city plan of Lublin and initiated the Forum for Culture of Space. We are very proud that after 9 years from this event we are able to support his efforts for improving space in Lublin with the ideas of Jan Gehl.
*Romuald Dylewski – distinguished urban planner from Lublin, successful both in practise and theory. Long term manager of the Lublin Department of the Institute of Spatial Planning and Public Utilities in Warsaw, vice-president of the Urban and Architectural Commision of Lubelskie Voivodship, member of the National Council for Spatial Planning in the Governmental Center for Strategic Studies. Lecturer at various polish and foreign universities. Lead designer of the first post-war Plan of the Lublin City (awarded with first national prize), as well as Plan of Development of the city and agglomeration of Baghdad, also city plans for Syria and Libya. Author of various works, scientific and general, concerning city and regional planning. .

‘The ephemeral city squares’ – finale.

Plakate efemeryczne place miasta Pl_Łokietka

‘The ephemeral city squares’ – finale.
14th of June 2014 – The finale of the ephemeral actions run by students of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planing from the Catholic University of Lublin took place on chosen city squares, this year using Jan Gehl’s ideas of ‘Cities for People’. The selected squares were: Rybny, Łokietka, Wolności, Kochanowskiego and Zielona Street.

‘1.5 m’ – Pedestrian Lublin street press brief

Ground zero: ul. Hipoteczna, przed przychodnią rejonową. Fot. Marcin Skrzypek.

10th of June 2014, Pedestrian Lublin agreement, established on the 28th of May 2014, organized a press conference in form of a street event that exposed the problem of drivers not respecting the rule of parking cars on sidewalks, a rule that obligates to provide a minimum of 1,5m passage for pedestrians along walls. The place for the event was precisely considered, chosing Hipoteczna Street due to the location of a specialist clinic. The street is frequently attended by elderly, parents with children but still the cars are being parked diagonally instead of in parallel to the road.


Verifying the ideas of ‘Ephemeral Actions’

20140515_14252615th of May 2014 – in the Black Hall in “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre the students who plan ‘ephemeral actions’ which will take place on the 14th of July, consulted their ideas with experts. Using the opportunity, a copy of Jan Gehl’s new book Cities for People had been presented. Więcej