‘Pedestrian – an endangered species?’ – founding meeting of Pedestrian Lublin

"Pocztówka" z Lublina ukazująca niedostatki miasta w infrastrukturze dla pieszych. Materiał promocyjny spotkania.
 A ‘postcard’ from Lublin showing deficiencies in infrastructure for pedestrians.

28th of May 2014 – a meeting od people interested in improving the situation of pedestrians in Lublin, aiming to form a social treaty that could represent the intrests of pedestrians. It is a new long-term social initiative for the sake of sustainability in Lublin.

From the invitation:

We invite everyone who are searching or know the answers for the following questions:

  • How is the life of pedestrians in Lublin? Can you reach everywhere on foot?
  • How will it change after the coming investments?
  • How should the life of pedestrians look like in an european city with european aspirations?
  • CAre we prepared to create a pedestrian-friendly city for all: pedestrians, tourists, women, strollers, the elderly, children, people with disabilities – all of those who are moving throughout the city at the speed of 6 km/h.
  • Do you have to move around Lublin in a car to find the city cool?

Copenhagen has it’s own strategy and a definition of life in the city – ‘The life of the city is people’. It also has a strategy for the development of pedestrian traffic, because the Danes understand it’s social and economic benefits. What about us? Is Lublin’s potential of a ‘human scale’ city will be used in accordance with contemporary thinking about urban development (which is close to the traditional meaning of a city as a meeting place), or will it be wasted.


Using this meeting, benefiting from the experiences of Bicycle Agreement, we would like to create a social ‘confederation’ for the unprotected users of road traffic, to express their needs and take care of them.

The meeting was held at the Black Hall in “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre at 5 p.m. It lasted for about 2 hours and was attended by 24 people.