Month: September 2014

‘City of Art’ – old is also good!


The 28th of September 2014 – the Little Academy of Design organized a walk around the Slowacki Housing Estate (designed by Oscar Hansen) and Mickiewicz Housing Estate in search of …art. These are unique, old estates filled with sculptures and friendly public spaces. Więcej

Cycling Education with


The 27th of September 2014 – ongoing  classes on safe cycling for residents  organized by Lublin Cycling Agreement with the support of Lublin City Bike.



‘Lublin for people’ press conference

Post użytkownika Lublin dla ludzi.


The 25th of September 2014 – Zielony Talerzyk restaurant held a meeting with journalists about the coalition of projects for the Lublin Citizen Budget  “Lublin for people”. This way the poster, website and facebook profile were joined by a press conference, which has closed the start of the coalition in the media. 

Historic words of Mayor Krzysztof Żuk

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The 23th of September 2014 – ‘we reach ouf for high caliber arguments, in order to change the city in a way that standards that of such cities as  Copenhagen would be considered in planning and implementation of various investments and in the revitalization of the Downtown’ – said Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin, during a press conference at te Cultural Center, to which he invited Marta Kurowska, Jan Kamiński and Marcin Skrzypek, so they could talk about the Year of Jan Gehl in Lublin and the project ‘City for people. Lublin pedestrian infrastructure standards’ inspired by the ideas of Jan Gehl. Więcej

Website of the coalition ‘Lublin for people’

Lublin dla ludzi www

The 23th of September 2014 – A coalition of projects for the Lublin Citizen Budget – ‘Lublin for people’, revealed itself on Facebook and on the web: Support it!

Post użytkownika Lublin dla ludzi.

City against the people?

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GW Lublin dba o samochody

The 23 of September 2014 – Gazeta Wyborcza have published a conversation between Małgorzata Domagała and an architect and anthropologist Anna Rumińska from Wrocław, under a strongly-sounding title: ‘We care about cars, not pedestrians’. Someone commented it on Twitter: ‘City against the people’. It might sound harsh, even shocking, but at the same time it’s accurate and revealing.  Więcej

A coalition of projects for the Lublin Citizen Budget – ‘Lublin for people’

koalicja plakat

The 22nd of September 2014 – We are proud to present a coalition of projects for the Lublin Citizen Budget, which authors decided to work together for the votes under the slogan ‘a city for people’. It’s worth mentioning that this coalition is not geographical (local) or target (directed to a specific reciever), it is a ideological one. It consists of four beyond-local projects: two playgrounds and two for people walking with dogs as well as pedestrians. It is a first coalition of projects in Lublin for the Citizen Budget.