‘How to improve our city’ – a design thinking workshop with father Stach Nowak.

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11th of June 2014 – integration and developement workshop for the emerging Pedestrian Lublin movement, in the Dom Słów, Krakowskie Przedmieście 17 Street.

The Workshop had been intended to open up new horizons of thinking, gather ideas and provide tools to collectively design the change and prepare for its introduction. All of this in terms of planning the ‘city for people’ and human oriented design based on the ideas of Jan Gehl. Father Stach – drawing from his passion for design thinking and raleted topics, from his extensive experience in working with students and the role of the Creative Director of dominikanie.pl. He had showed that the plans for Pedestrian Lublin, howerwer ambitious, are a normal social and realistic action in terms of HCD – Human Centered Design. This kind of design may not only concern media and industrial design but also public spaces and the whole city itself. The meeting lasted more than 3 hours and gathered over 30 people.