Month: March 2014

The socially organized public consultations of the reconstruction of Racławickie Avenue

The first real application of the principals of ‘cities for people’ as part of the Year of Jan Gehl during the consultations of of the project of reconstruction of Racławickie Avenue, organized by Council of Wieniawa District. The blueprints had been processed to make them ‘human oriented’ (in this case to make them easily readable) by Krzysztof Jaraszkiewicz.


‘Cars parked on lawns. How to solve this problem? Interview with the Cycling Officer from Lublin City Office – published in Gazeta Wyborcza on the 27th of February 2014

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It’s amazing, but in Lublin there are twice more cars per capita than in Berlin. And of course everyone considers the possibility of parking in the city center as their sacred right. But the city is not made of rubber. Do we really have to follow the same blind path, from which the Western countries withdraw after half a centaury?