Racławickie Avenue conslutations

‘Let’s see Sowińskiego Street’

Fot. ulicy z lotu ptaka z nałożonym na nią projektem. Materiał pomocniczy aut. Krzysztofa Jaraszkiewicza.
An aerial view with the outlines of the design on top of it – prepared by Krzysztof Jaraszkiewicz.

12th of March 2014 – a street event as a part of social consultation of the project of reconstruction Racławickie Avenue and Sowińskiego Street. The goal was to organise a site inspection that would present how the pavements would be narrowed after implementing the design. A debut of the Year of Jan Gehl banner! Więcej

The socially organized public consultations of the reconstruction of Racławickie Avenue

The first real application of the principals of ‘cities for people’ as part of the Year of Jan Gehl during the consultations of of the project of reconstruction of Racławickie Avenue, organized by Council of Wieniawa District. The blueprints had been processed to make them ‘human oriented’ (in this case to make them easily readable) by Krzysztof Jaraszkiewicz.