Fun-Meadow in Kijany near Lublin

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Dawid Soszyński, one of the organizers says:

Fun-Meadow is a Place. Created by the residents and open to everyone. It was made on a wasteland belonging to the parish in Kijany village 20km from Lublin. The beginning and pretext of creating a space for meetings was a playground. Not typical for various reasons. Firstly, because it was build by parents and children. Secondly, because it’s not a ready one from a catalog…

…Third… because it does not have a clear boundary and already the kids have annexed a nearby ravine and neighbor’s garden and the adults the rest of the meadow, currently used as a football pitch. And finally beacause it’s construction never ends. As a starting principle the possibility of continous building was meant to be provided by the use of tires and packs of straw. But for now the straw packs have became benches and the kids encouraged by the construction have used the rests of the boards, poles, tires and with help of blades, screws and screwdrivers continue the spontaneous building workshops creating structures, whose use is known only to them.
The initiative fits to the celebration of the Year of Jan Gehl in Lublin, as there is no denying that the way of thinking promoted by Gehl has became an inspiration to creating human space, and this is what Fun-Meadow is meant to be – a rural outpost of Gehl-thinking in Lublin region.

An example of a ‘non catalog’ approach to fun of the creators of Fun-Meadow is a slide on a hill, which can be climbed from various diretions, as well as the seats and and animal made of tires. Catalog playgrounds are not mysterious and surprising, therefore they are poorly suited for…fun. Photos by Dawid Soszyński and Friends.