800 people in the lecture. Jan Gehl a strategic advisor for Lublin?

The ‘first step’ happening in front of the City Office – opening of the ‘City for People’ Project – 24th of October 2014.

With pride and joy we would like to share with you our impressions after the historic visit of Jan Gehl in Lublin. We would like to thank you for your participation in the lecture and all other events that made up Professor’s visit. We hope that it will bring a lasting effect. Now we begin the  “City for People” Project, which is a continuation of the Year of Jan Gehl. Within it we will work together with the residents and officials on improving the situation of pedestrians in Lublin. We well also gradually publish the documentation of Jan Gehl’s visit in Lublin. We start with this summary. Więcej

Fun-Meadow in Kijany near Lublin

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Dawid Soszyński, one of the organizers says:

Fun-Meadow is a Place. Created by the residents and open to everyone. It was made on a wasteland belonging to the parish in Kijany village 20km from Lublin. The beginning and pretext of creating a space for meetings was a playground. Not typical for various reasons. Firstly, because it was build by parents and children. Secondly, because it’s not a ready one from a catalog…


Two good news

zrzut UM www z Olkiem

Lublin City Council invites to Jan Gehl’s lecture with banners on it’s website. And under the banner a message from the 9th of October that Aleksander Wiącek, the leader of Cycling Agreement, became Mayor Krzysztof Żuk’s assitant responsible for cycling policy in the city. He will take his office on the 1st of November :).

A different City


The 4th of October 2014 – the Little Academy of Design held a walk around the city form the perspective of a disabled person. Led by Mateusz Urbański and Katarzyna Cebulak. A topic obvious in the context of ‘a city for people’, but only in theory. To fully understand what a today’s city is for a disabled person, it must be some way experienced personally, even just accompanying the person in a walk. Więcej