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Fun-Meadow in Kijany near Lublin

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Dawid Soszyński, one of the organizers says:

Fun-Meadow is a Place. Created by the residents and open to everyone. It was made on a wasteland belonging to the parish in Kijany village 20km from Lublin. The beginning and pretext of creating a space for meetings was a playground. Not typical for various reasons. Firstly, because it was build by parents and children. Secondly, because it’s not a ready one from a catalog…


Historic words of Mayor Krzysztof Żuk

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The 23th of September 2014 – ‘we reach ouf for high caliber arguments, in order to change the city in a way that standards that of such cities as  Copenhagen would be considered in planning and implementation of various investments and in the revitalization of the Downtown’ – said Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin, during a press conference at te Cultural Center, to which he invited Marta Kurowska, Jan Kamiński and Marcin Skrzypek, so they could talk about the Year of Jan Gehl in Lublin and the project ‘City for people. Lublin pedestrian infrastructure standards’ inspired by the ideas of Jan Gehl. Więcej

‘Lviv for people’ – photo report

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The 9th of September 2014 – Snapshots of a few hour walk around Lviv before the workshops of culture of public space at the headquarters of Pro Mova, under the third Ukrainian-Polish Festival of Partnership. In the photographs some curiousities that can’t be found in Lublin. As you can see, in many ways Lviv is more ‘for people’ than Lublin is. Photos by Marcin Skrzypek. Więcej

What do we do with the advertisments?

19th of March 2014 – HerMan project meeting concerning advertisments in public space, with a short presentation recognizing aesthetics a a human need.