The Year of Jan Gehl in Lviv

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This year the Festival’s logo perfectly fits to the idea of culture of space and ‘cities for people’

The 9th of September 2014 – Third Festival of Ukrainian-Polish Partnership (september 2013) included presentations and workshops run by Jan Kamiński and Marcin Skrzypek concerning the culture of space, urban movements and of course everything related to the Year Of Jan Gehl.

‘The game of space’ – Marcin Skrzypek’s workshop in the headquarters of Pro Mova. Photo by Jan Kamiński


Announcement of the ‘Little Academy of Design’

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The 9th of September 2014 – the scene of The Year of Jan Gehl is being entered by the ‘Little Academy of Design’ (Mała Akademia Designu) – an educational project created by Paulina Zarębska-Denysiuk and Anna Wojewódka, as a part of actions of Lublin Society of Encouragment of Fine Arts ‘Zachęta’. The Accademy was started with an article by Małgorzata Szlachetka in Kurier Lubelski newspaper, with such an up to date topic of quality (or the lack of it) of public spaces, which affects the presence (or absence) of residents and ultimately the economic success (or failure) of these places.

Mosaics are also ‘for people’ :-)


The 6th of September 2014 – mosaic-making workshops, as a part of Mała Akademia Designu (Little Academy of Desgin). Activities that could take place on art lessons gain a special meaning in city enviroment, especially on Słowacki housing estate, which was originally filled with various mosaics. This becomes a fun of playing with public art and a lesson of recognizing beaty surrounding us.

‘The Unkept Lublin’ – bicycle tour

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Lublin viewed from the south over Bystrzyca River. ‘On the meadow it sat – and silence’ (a qoute from ‘A poem of Lublin City’ by Józef Czechowicz) Photo by Marcin Butryn.

The 23th of August 2014 – as a part of actions of Lub design! (organized by Ewelina Kruszyńska, Warsztaty Kultury) a bicycle tour was held, under the name ‘The Unkept Lublin’ along with workshops of observing the space in the little-known urban districts of the city.

Start at the Castle. Photo by Jan Kamiński.

The participants of the tour have learned about the history, creators, unique features and spatial solutions of chosen places – Old Kalinowszczyzna, Tatary, Old Bronowice, Old Kośminek, Piaski. Więcej

‘Being a tourist in your own city’

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The 22th of August 2014 – within Lub design! (organized by Ewelina Kruszyńska, Warsztaty Kultury) an unusal walk was organized for children aged 6-10, intended to develop their multi-sensory sensitivity for the landscape of the city.  Enjoying being in your own city, exploring the surroundings and conscious experiencing it is very close to the idea of a ‘city for people’. Instead of traveling to exotic places, maybe it’s better to make our own city nicer? – Says Jan Gehl. Więcej

‘The city for people – utopia or…necessity?’

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The 14th of August 2014 – a meeting in Zielony Talerzyk restaurant was held as a part of Lub design! Project, with Ewa Gołębiewska on the subject directly inspired by The Year of Jan Gehl and his idea of ‘cities for people’ – ‘Human or inhuman cities?’ In some we feel good and welcome, chaos and noise in other makes us ill. Architect Jan Gehl called for creating public spaces in a way that they were made-to-measure human scale, they would inspire, while giving our bodies and senses relief.’