Kochanowski Square mulded by children


The 19th of September 2014 – workshops by Paulina Zarębska-Denysiuk and Anna Wojewódka as part of the Little Academy of Design. A space ‘for people’ is a space for children as well. How do they see the square for themselves?

‘A scream for benches’

Post użytkownika Pieszy Lublin.

The 20th of September 2014 – Pedestrian Lublin happening that replicated the event ‘A scream for benches’ as part of ‘Ephemeral actions’ by the students of the Catholic University of Lublin this spring. We scream-out for benches, as there are still not enough of them in Lublin!

The European Mobility Week


16th to 22th of September 2014 – this year’s European Mobility Week in Lublin was full of events. The most significant ones include the opening of the Lublin City Bike, thanks to among others the efforts of Cycling Officer Michał Przepiórka and Lublin Biking Agreement (photos below) as well as events of Pedestrian Lublin.

‘Frozen cities’ walking tour

The 14th of September 2014 –  a walking tour, organized as part of ‘The Little Academy of Design’, with Isabela Pastuszka. The walk was intended to check if ‘Gehl thinking’ is utilized in the center of Lublin. Iza first familiarized the participants with the selected issues of Jan Gehl’s theories, and then during the tour she pointed out the shortcomings of our public spaces and showed how, with small changes, it’s possible to get accustomed with it and make it friendly.

Downtown – ‘Little Adacemy of Design’s site inspection

Zamrozone Centra Kurier

he 14th of September 2014 – a walking visit of The Little Academy of Design in Lublin’s downtown, in the article by Małgorzata Domagała and Michał Jackowski. ‘There’s not to much room for us here. The city Officials see us as worse. They do everything for drivers and little for pedestrians – Ms Magda says. On a sunny sunday afternoon about twenty people went for a walk around the center of Lublin. The tour was guided by Izabela Pastuszko, an art historian. ‘The idea is to stimulate thinking about the city’


‘Who is Jan Gehl’ – Start of the Little Academy of Design at the Royal Tribunal

Councillor Zbigniew Jurkowski during the experiment by Marcin Skrzypek. Photo by Hubert Mącik

The 11th of September 2014 – a presentation entitled ‘Who is Jan Gehl’ made by Marcin Skrzypek, inauguration the Little Academy of Design by the Lublin Society of Encouragement of Fine Arts ‘Zachęta’ at the Royal Tribunal – as well as a provocative, another opening of the Year of Jan Gehl.

A slide from the presentation by Marcin Skrzypek. Photo by Hubert Mącik


‘Lviv for people’ – photo report

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The 9th of September 2014 – Snapshots of a few hour walk around Lviv before the workshops of culture of public space at the headquarters of Pro Mova, under the third Ukrainian-Polish Festival of Partnership. In the photographs some curiousities that can’t be found in Lublin. As you can see, in many ways Lviv is more ‘for people’ than Lublin is. Photos by Marcin Skrzypek. Więcej