A different City


The 4th of October 2014 – the Little Academy of Design held a walk around the city form the perspective of a disabled person. Led by Mateusz Urbański and Katarzyna Cebulak. A topic obvious in the context of ‘a city for people’, but only in theory. To fully understand what a today’s city is for a disabled person, it must be some way experienced personally, even just accompanying the person in a walk.

From the authors’ summary:

Summing up – on a daily basis we are not aware of the difficulties follow a person with a phiscial disability, what is worse the city officials are not aware of it, those who are responsible for designing absruds or not designing at all. On the other side – Mathew’s side – his way around the city is like a survival route […] will they drive me over or not. Next year Mateusz will also guide a walk around the city, this time we will invite officials and adults.