‘Pay attention to the pedestrians’ – a happening by Pedestrian Lublin


The 16th of September 2014 – During the European Mobility Week Pedestrian Lublin organized a happening: ‘According to police statistics accidents with involving pedestrians most often occur specificly on the crossings designated for them…’

t would seem, that a crossing is a place where pedestrians should feel safe and secure, and yet it’s there where accidents mostly happen. Walking is a rightful way of getting around the city […] – emphasizes Krzysztof Wiśniewski of Pedestrian Lublin. More in Gazeta Wyborcza: “A bear and a monkey in the city center. Taking care of the safety of pedestrians”. The event took place on Racławickie Avenue close to the Center of Meeting Cultures building. Photo by Krzysztof Wiśniewski and Jan Kamiński.