Pedestrian Lublin workshops

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‘Is it difficult for you to walk around Lublin with a baby stroller? The green light on pedestrian crossing turns on extremely rarely and only when you push the button? You stumble on pavements broken by cars? On the 2nd of July 2014 in the Medial-Artistic Incubator of the Academic Culture Center ‘Chatka Żaka’ an open workshop had been held by Pedestrian Lublin.

The rest of the invatation for the workshop:

Come and share with us your experiences. Point out the places on the map of Lublin that are difficult for walking. Together we will search for ideas on how to change this – so that Lublin would be more pedestrian friendly, as well as more accesible for wheelchair users, parents with kids or the elderly with reduced mobility. In developing the plan we will have the help of Beata Lachowicz, vice president of the Lublin Foundation for the Volunteering Developement. She is a qualified coach with extensive experience in implementing projects of various fields. You can read about the details of her work in the text below. In case of any questions feel free to write to us via our Facebook group:

Report from the workshop:

Thanks to a nice discussion run by Beata Lachowicz we have established what exactly we would like to work on in the coming time. The meeting was attended by a dozen of people, thanks to that we already could asign the tasks. Each of the participants had described, in his opinion, the worst pedestrian problems in our city. Then together we chose the most important ones:
1) culture / mentality
2) bad parking
3) quality of pedestrian lanes
4) public transport.

You can watch or listen to the entire meeting here:

For those who did not see yet the article about our meeting that was published by Gazeta Wyborcza, you can read the article by Aleksandra Pacułek “Everything for cars, and what about the pedestrians? List of unfriendly places”