‘Being a tourist in your own city’

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The 22th of August 2014 – within Lub design! (organized by Ewelina Kruszyńska, Warsztaty Kultury) an unusal walk was organized for children aged 6-10, intended to develop their multi-sensory sensitivity for the landscape of the city.  Enjoying being in your own city, exploring the surroundings and conscious experiencing it is very close to the idea of a ‘city for people’. Instead of traveling to exotic places, maybe it’s better to make our own city nicer? – Says Jan Gehl.

 During the walk, the participants had to perform a series of excercises – looking for an ‘urban safari’, created a gallery of textures, tracked planting guerrillas. They also left their own mark. Maybe another explorer will find it? The workshops intended to encourage to look at the space completely in a different way, to explore not only with the use of sight, but also touch and hearing, to search, collect, watch and experiment. Led by Anna Komorowska, Michał Rokita – designers associated with the pracownią k (studio k.). They deal with designing space for children, as well as architectural education and social participation.  They organize architectural worshops for children and youth. They write about well designed playgrounds and contemporary landscape design. In 2012 they released their first book for children: ‘Guide to everyday architecture’.