‘Let’s see Sowińskiego Street’

Fot. ulicy z lotu ptaka z nałożonym na nią projektem. Materiał pomocniczy aut. Krzysztofa Jaraszkiewicza.
An aerial view with the outlines of the design on top of it – prepared by Krzysztof Jaraszkiewicz.

12th of March 2014 – a street event as a part of social consultation of the project of reconstruction Racławickie Avenue and Sowińskiego Street. The goal was to organise a site inspection that would present how the pavements would be narrowed after implementing the design. A debut of the Year of Jan Gehl banner!

The site inspection on Sowińskiego Street fits the vision of ‘a city for people’ and human oriented design, as it allowed the inhabitants to recognize how the exactly the street would look like after the planned reconstruction. Without this the participants ot the consultations – the users of this public space – would have no clue what changes are being planned and would not be able to express a qualified opinion. Reading the blueprints themselves won’t say much to a layman. The scale of changes turned out to be serius. Considering the bicycle lanes along the pavements, the event had made everyone realize how Sowińskiego Street will become narrow and hostile for pedestrians, which is illustrated on the part of the blueprint with it’s exceptionally complicated bike lane connections.

Wycinek projektu skrzyżowania Sowińskiego ze Skłodowskiej pokolorowany przez Krzysztofa Jaraszkiewicza, żeby było coś widać.
A part of the blueprint representing the road intersection of Sowińskiego and Skłodowska Street, coloured to make reading easier, by Krzysztof Jaraszkiewicz.