The game of ‘nano’ – Palce Lizać Collective workshop

Wizyta na pl. Kochanowskiego. Z lewej Jan Kamiński prowadzący ze studentami "Działania efemeryczne".
Visit on Kochanowski Square. On the right Jan Kamiński, running the ‘Ephemeral actions’.

27th of April 2014 – The second meeting before student event ‘Ephemeral Actions’. The meeting was called by Dominika Wilczyńska and Basia Nawrocka who created the Palce Lizać collective in Kraków. They have organised workshops named ‘Game of nano’. The ‘nano’ scale involves interaction of space and human senses, which is a crucial part of human-oriented design.

The ‘Ephemerical Actions’ are an annual classes at the Institute of  Landscape Design at the Catholic University of Lublin, run by Jan Kamiński. Last year they had been combined with the USER project (as a part of the EU Urbact project) realised by the Lublin City Office, and this year also with The Year of Jan Gehl. As a result the ‘Ephemerical Actions’ have entered real public squares which are a subject of USER project and their preparation included the philosophy of Jan Gehl, which have been perfectly executed by Palce Lizać collective in the ‘Game of Nano’ workshops.

The first part of the meeting had been a presentation and took place in the Hall of Toasts in the Royal Tribunal building.

Later everyone went out into the streets to study with their own senses the squares: Rybny, Łokietka, Wolności, Kochanowskiego.

The workshop had been an exercise in using the sense of observation and a creative ‘reflex’ of imagination, a way of using simple methods of observing objects that are so familiar, that they become unnoticeable. The second part of the workshop was a lesson of interacting with the encountered objects, trying to illustrate them with all with all senses, to fully recognize their potential and capabilities. Apart from sight, humans have also few other senses, which also influence the way one feels in a place, there are also required in reflection and creative process. The effects of the Palce Lizać workshop will be sumed up in a report, which will be published on this blog.