What do we do with the advertisments?

19th of March 2014 – HerMan project meeting concerning advertisments in public space, with a short presentation recognizing aesthetics a a human need.

Presentation by Marcin Skrzypek.

On the 19th of March 2014 in the Black Hall of Centrum Kultury in Lublin another meeting had been held, this one concerning  the development of tools for regulating the chaos of advertisments in the historic part of Lublin. The meeting was a discussion board, moderated by Marcin Skrzypek. Panelists from Gdańsk (Michał Szymański), Warsaw (Jacek Knothe) I Lublina (Bolesław Stelmach, Bartłomiej Kożuchowski, Marcin Moszyński) have shared their experiences from arbitrary advertisments, signboards and billboards. Our guests told stories of difficult negotiations with owners, investors, designers (or rather advert creators), but – what is important – also had presented examples of creative cooperation. After the panelists’  speeches the rest of the gathered had expressed their opinions. Not only the monuments’ owners, enterpreneurs and tenants using historic spaces, but also city leaders. It’s not possible to control the mess of advertising without aware zoning and managing public space, especially the historic one or withour the cooperation of departments responsible for them.


Presentation by Michał Szymański from the Depratment of  Aesthetisation  – Gdańsk City Office: