We have a logo (even two)

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Here is the current official logo of the Year of Jan Gehl:

The graphic was made by Jan Kamiński. In this picture, most of all, we wanted to express how we should define ‘the life in the city’, that it consists of people in public space in various specific situations, with an emphasis on the mutual contact between them. Does this express the philosophy of ‘a city for people’? Or maybe it could be done differently? We well appreciate your comments.

For our internal competition we received another logo:

made by Paulina Olszowska of the Scientific Group of Spatial Planning from the Catholic University of Lublin. It obviously refers to cycling, which is advocated by Gehl, and Lublin’s ‘City of inspiration’ logo. This is achieved by using the characteristic ‘L’ shape taken from the handwriting of Leonardo Da Vinci.

We have to admit that this is very imaginative and even tricky, not to say provocative, engaging. Another version of a logo – in a more classic sense – is being prepared by professional designers. It is possible that it will replace the first, more ‘narrative’ one.