The letter from the Council for Culture of Space to Jan Gehl asking for a permission for the ‘Year of Jan Gehl’

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The official letter from the Council for Culture of Space to Jan Gehl justyfing the request for announcing a year of his name in Lublin, along with a list of members of the Council (10th of January 2014).

 Plac Króla Władysława Łokietka 1
20-109 Lublin
+48 (81) 466 20 00

 Lublin, Poland, 10 January 2014
Professor Jan Gehl
Gehl Architects – Urban Quality Consultants
1 Gammel Kongevej
V DK 1610 Copenhagen

Dear Professor,

the Council for Culture of Space in Lublin (Rada Kultury Przestrzeni) would like to kindly ask you for permission to be able to annouce its programme of educational activites in 2014 under the title of “Year of Jan Gehl”.

The Council is an advisory body of the Mayor of Lublin, settled in 2011 by Mayor Krzysztof Żuk. Its members are professionals and “eductated readers” of spaces from various circles and institutions whose goal is to raise the quality of spaces planning in Lublin and spread general culture of space. The notion space of culture has been consiously promoted in Lublin since the beginings of social Forum for Culture of Space in 2005. Now the Forum has over 80 members and creates a circle of public bottom-up support for the Council (23 members).

We consider our city’s potential as extreemely valuable but fragile against current development pressures. Due to natural features and cultural heritage Lublin has a chance to be a fascinating place to live and to visit. On the other hand, passed period of stagnation encourages to accept any “modernizing” changes, with little reflect on their quality and context. Our aim is to built up an awareness for the quality of urban space and life among the people, who have an impact on that.

The “Year of” concept is frequently used in Poland to honour and celebrate important personalities and their works. By announcing “Year of Jan Gehl” we would like to popularise your sensitivity to human needs in people oriented city planning, your  ideas and works as well as projects of Gehl Architects. We think it very important to educate inhabitants of Lublin on hight quality of city space based on empathy to help people cooperate and build friendly relationshops despite their diverging interests.

The programme of our educational activites is under construction. Its core consists of voluntary work of the Council and Forum members who will organise meetings, lectures, workshops and internet publications. Further, we plan to collect all ideas and apply for finances to support larger events.

With kind regards

Marcin Skrzypek

Jan Kamiński
Head of RKP

Krzysztof Żuk Krzysztof – Mayor of Lublin City

Council for Culture of Space in Lublin
[Rada Kultury Przestrzeni przy Prezydencie Miasta Lublin]
Plac Króla Władysława Łokietka 1, 20-109 Lublin, Poland
+48 (81) 466 20 00

The members of the Council for Culture of Space:

  1. Jan Kamiński – head of the Council, landscape architect, John Paul II Catholic Univesity of Lublin
  2. Bolesław Stelmach – deputy head of the Council, architect
  3. Anna Polska – deputy head of the Council, architect, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
  4. Anna Rzepecka – secretary, Mayor’s Office, Municipality
  5. Jadwiga Jamiołkowska – architect, urban planner
  6. Romuald Dylewski – urban planner
  7. Paweł Mierzwa – architect
  8. Hubert Trammer – architect, Lublin University of Technology
  9. Stanisław Lichota – architect, urban planner
  10. Jacek Babuchowski – ecologist, urban planner, Voivodship Planning Office in Lublin
  11. Emilia Niećko – urban planner, Voivodship Planning Office in Lublin
  12. Maria Balawejder-Kantor – architect
  13. Tadeusz J. Chmielewski – ecologist, professor at University of Life Sciences in Lublin
  14. Ewa Kipta – architect, head of association “Forum for Revitalisation”
  15. Katarzyna Zaleska – landscape architect
  16. Jacek Warda – Strategy Department, Municipality
  17. Adam Cis – Council for Culture of Space
  18. Aleksander Wiącek – Lublin Bicycle Agreement
  19. Marcin Skrzypek – the “Grodzka Gate NN Theatre Cetre”
  20. Marta Kurowska – head of Wieniawa District Council
  21. Paulina Zarębska – art historian
  22. Katarzyna Szczypior – landscape architect
  23. Michał Fronk – architect, lanscape architect.